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Mystery of the cryptic murder


Nowadays, it has been dangerous for patients to consider doctors to treat the patients with good amount of medicines or drugs. Today, I am here to tell you an incident that is running in my mind.

Mystery of the cryptic murder

-The Beginning-

“Good morning Cez what sup” said Mary with a sudden startling look.

“Mom had been going to yoga classes since I had woken up. I don’t think it will help her? What do you say Mary” said Cez.

“Crikey!” said Mary with an astonished look.

“What the heck? What happened” said Cez being surprised with the sudden made by Mary.

“Another murder near Hotel California” said Mary.

“The rate of murders are going to high, they don’t want their to be Number One in population or what?” said Cez this time a little louder.

“Yes you are right” said Mary in a polite manner.

“One day will come when there are no murders or even murderers to murder in California they will not be in extant anymore” said Cez.

“Why one day? Let the adept work be done by ourselves for our own citizens let us be detectives Cez!” said Mary

“What the heck, are you out of your mind?” said Cez.

“Nope what made you say that Cez” said Mary.

“You cannot play a game with dexterity using hands and eyes at a perfect contact, how can you be so intelligent you dumb carrot” said Cez.

“I am solicitous about our future and you talk like this?” said Mary.

“I will, for the sake you to leave your thoughts you cannot say or judge or impugned a suspect” said Cez.

“Enough is enough I will complain mom about you”.

“Have strong probity on yourself or what you support then I shall believe you and your silly thoughts Mary” said Cez trying to convince her.

“Mary, Cez your mom is dead!” said a strange voice.

-To be continued-

Mystery of the cryptic murder 2 


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