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Mystery of the cryptic murder  
Posted by Pranav on 7/28/2015 in Category: Others | Views: 1499
very interesting.
Mystery of the cryptic murder 2  
Posted by Pranav on 7/28/2015 in Category: Others | Views: 1772
Good story suspense every page or paragraph. Enjoy and discover the mystery
The Jurisprudence 
Posted by Pranav on 5/10/2015 in Category: Others | Views: 1441
Its an Extenuating story . Many new words are there. Happy reading!
The Little Mouse and Lion 
Posted by vivek vardhan on 12/2/2014 in Category: Others | Views: 1688
There was a wild forest.There a lion was living freely by hunting the animals and eating.A little mouse entered into the lion's den unknowingly as it was dark.
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