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Posted under Moral category for Below 5 Years by goud.kv on 8/4/2014 | Views: 3897  

       Once there lived a Huge lion in the Jungle. While he was in a deep sleep, a little mouse came there and began playing with his hair. He woke up angrilly and caught the Mouse with its big paw and opened the mouth to swallow the little Mouse.


       "Forgive me My Lord, please...,  please...", begged the Mouse.

      "I will kill you now as you disturbed my relaxation.." roared the Lion.

      Mouse replied to the Lion, "Please leave me my king, I might be helpful to you in the future". 

      He laughed and released the Mouse.


       Few days later, a dangerous hunter came for lion and caught him with the huge net.


       Lion roared and cried loudly for help throughout the day.


          Finally the little Mouse, who is passing that way seen the lion trapped in the hunter's net. It ran to the Lion and cut the net into pieces with its sharp tiny teeth and released him.


          Lion thanked the Little Mouse for such a great save.

        From there, they both became Good friends...        

          Moral: Little friends may prove as Great friends

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