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Posted under Moral category for Below 10 Years by goud.kv on 8/5/2014 | Views: 3332  

       Long time ago, there lived a Wood-cutter in the forest.

       He had a beautiful Goose that lays a Golden Egg every day. He used to sell that egg in the market and earn some money to become rich slowly. 


       One day, he and his wife thought that, "How many days could we sell a single egg per day. Lets take all the eggs from the Goose to become rich instantly".

       On the next day, he killed the Goose and opened the stomach of the Goose.


          He doesn't even found a single Egg inside the Goose.

          Wood-cutter cried about his foolishness of killing the Goose.

        Moral: Think twice before taking any decision 


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