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Posted under Adventure category for Below 10 Years by Pranav on 8/21/2014 | Views: 1267  

The Adventures Six Begins

        There were six cousins who lived together. Their names are Sunidhi, Sreenidhi, Ananya and Vibha are the girls and the boys are Vivek and Pranav. The girls profession is Doctor and the boys is Astronaut. They all live in America.

        One day, their friend SidduYashwanth, Kavin and Kashief came to their house for a few days to enjoy. The first day they all enjoyed by seeing the Niagara Falls and Statue of Liberty. The next day all the cousins had left for an impotant work . The four friends did not  came with them. They were sorting out some books.

        Suddenly they saw a book .

        They were suprised by the title of the book "My dangerous trek experience in my life". They never knew that their friends are Adventoures.

        It was written like a story that starts like this :-

        My summer vacations were starting and we got one month as a summer vacation holiday. We all planned to visit our native place India and planed to climb the Nilgiri hills as Mountains are high to climb.

        After few days, we booked the tickets to board India. The next day we landed on India. We took a train from Delhi to Nilgiri Hills. It took two days to reach as it is very far from Delhi. When we reached there we stayed at a room to relax ourselves.

        Then, we started our trek. It was our good luck as the weather was cool enough for us to move quickly. The first day was very wonderful that we climbed 5 kiometers. The second day we woke up at 5 o' clock and started again. Sreenidhi's legs were paining and so we rested for 1 hour.

        And that one hour changed our lives. When we rested, suddenly there was Earthquake on the Hill in which Pranav, Vivek and Sunidhi fell down upon. All the other cousins started crying that their cousins are killed. After so much of grief they hide inside a cave .

        Pranav, Vivek and Sunidhi did not die because Pranav had a ball gifted to by a friend. lt can trasform itslef into a a vehicle. So Pranav used an Aeroplane shaped vehicle for help. This vehicle can go any where as there is a rocky surface.

        After 40 mintues, we reached to the other cousins. We were happy to see our cousins and they were suprised on hearing the entire thing .Then we continued and reached the summit.

        Then we did Paragliding from the top to down which helped us cross 7 miles. Later on, we continued the rest by walking and stayed in the room .

        The next day....................


        (All the four got bored and closed the book)

                  ... Continue In the Next Part...


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