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The Adventures Six Train Problem!

 Read.. The Adventures Six Begins before this part

           When all the cousins retured at the afternoon, Immediately Yashwath asked all the cousins, "Why have not said us you are so adventures".

           Pranav said, "How did you got know about it".

         All the friends said, "Well, we read the book that you have written, Now tell us why you left adventure's sports we are very curious to know.

         Vivek said, "Why Don't you read the book to know more".

         Then the four friends started reading the book again..........

         We all decided to return to America.

         The next day we were on the Train and it started to move. Our Train leads to Delhi.

         When we reached Madhya pradesh, the Train stopped and some black- coloured looking men passed through our seat. When we were about to leave the one of the black- coloured looking man took our wallet and ran away.

         We had a big chase. Vivek and Pranav were running as if their heart is stolen by someone and they want to live. They ran faster than Ussain Bolt, they ran 90 miles per thirty mintues .

          Finally they ended the chase in a city and Vivek took the wallet from the thief.

          But do you know where the cousins landed up. Well, they landed in Chennai of Tamilnadu. There was a very huge problem as their plane will leave just in 27 hours and it was night.

          If we calculate, Chennai to Delhi will be approximately 2000 miles and will take atleast 2 days for a magnet train to go .

          All the cousins were out of mind and suddenly a few Tribal people caputered us and were about to throw us in lava !

          Then, Pranav and Vivek got in action and they fought with all the tribes . The plane was about to leave in 6 Hours. The twist was Pranav took the special gadget and it transformed into a new car at a speed of 1000 miles per hour.

          They reached the airport in 1 hour. (You must be wondering that how this happened. The car got punctured in the way. Then Pranav and Vivek lifted the other cousins and ran at a speed of 3500 miles per hour . You must be wondering how. Pranav took a roller skates from his gadget.) They all calmly with no concerns they sat in the aeroplane. They reached America and ......................................... ................................................... ..................................................................

          Pranav said, that is why we were scared that it would happen again .

          (The four friends finished the book )

          Continue in the next part (The Adventures Six Part two and the (fearless ten)

          The six cousins are the fearless six and the friends are fearless four so they are fearless ten . But the cousins are always ( THE ADVENTOURES SIX)


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