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 Read The Adventures Six Train Problem before this part...

          It was 12:00 pm.................

          The cousins were on their beds, sleeping. Sunidhi was singing in her sleep, Sreenidhi was dancing (which looked like running), Ananya was holding her hands in her air (assuming in the middle that there was a barbie doll) and Vibha was playing cooking games in her dreams and Vivek was dreaming that he became the fastest man in 100 mts. race (in his dreams,his track record in 100 mts. race was 1 sec!).

          Everyone were sleeping lousily, but Pranav had a dream, a very very horrible dream.............

The dream was:

          Running through the corridors of Burj Khalifa, Pranav found a room. As he entered, he found a skeleton hanging upside down.

          A skeleton in Burj Khalifa! Impossible.

          Then he realized that he was in a haunted Burj Khalifa. Terrified, he ran out of the building, He saw the board which has the name of the buliding, it was titled “Dark D.....”.

          The other words were not visible. Then, he was not in Dubai, outside Burj Khalifa, he was somewhere. As he started to think............


          Pranav let out a scream because Vivek was sleeping on him.

          It was 9:00 am.

          “It is butter masala dosa and rawa idli for breakfast!” said Sunidhi, singing a senseless tune which I did’nt understand.

          Vivek came in,saying, ”It is done! It is done! I have booked tickets for Dubai! We are going to it?”

          As soon as Vivek completed his sentence, Pranav felt a chill.. Burj Khalifa? What?Is my dream a vision, or just a dream?

          As he started eating, the ceiling above broke with a thud!

          Four mercenaries came in, they are called Kiran, Rishi, Vipul and Siddu.


          Siddu? A mercenary? But working for whom?

          “Are you suprised, Pranav?” said Siddu, sporting a smile.

          Pranav stood petrified.

          “You traitor! Good for nothing! You joined the enemy side!” shouted Vivek angrily.

          Then suddenly, he thought who was his enemy.

          “I work for the great Lord Dark....”

          “Shut your mouth! Don’t tell them,fool!” shouted Vipul angrily.

          Pranav was angry at Vipul for stopping Siddu telling the name he wanted to know.

          Then, PranavSunidhi and Vivek took a gadget called super rocket punch gadget.

          BOOM! All the three mercenaries flew away, leaving Siddu.

          “Tell me the name of the person you are working for!” threatened Pranav and Sunidhi.

          “Tell us, you idiot!” shouted Vivek angrily.

          He saw something written on his suit in tiny letters, ’Dubai’

          Siddu ran with some thing in his two hands which looked like humans.

         “No....! Ananya! Sreenidhi!” cried Sunidhi, waving her hands in case they fell. But in vain.

         They started thinking. Vivek thought what Dubai

         He turned to Pranav and Sunidhi and said, ”We are going to go to Dubai,right now!”.

         “C’mon,I am getting bored by your chat, now all I want is action!”said Vibha beaming energetically.

         Everyone packing their luggage, Pranav was checking his bed in case he forgot anything. As he lifted his pillow, he received a shock. It was a letter! By whom?

It was titled:


Privet drive,

Plot no.4,

Residence of the adventurous 6.

         Pranav opened the letter and read it.

It said:

Dear adventurers,

        I am Nick Fury, the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. This is to say you that i was watching your all adventures through a secret CC camera (advanced tech,a flying one!). And i’m even impressed by your gadgets. The way you create them and the way you implement them into use. I would like to invite you to join my S.H.I.E.L.D.

        It is a rescue force which protects people from supervillains, terrorists, thieves etc.

        Meet me at Dubai, Burj Khalifa, Floor no.95.

        We also have a depletion of superheroes. You can join us as superheroes if you want.

Thanking you,

Nick Fury,

Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Date-08 August 2014.

        “What? Meeting at Burj Khalifa? Is it a coincidence?” thought Pranav.

        He came to the hall and showed the letter to the others. SunidhiVivek, Vibha seemed excited. But Pranav was devastated. Is Burj Khalifa going to become a haunted building?

        My cousins does’nt know about this.....

        How can I say them they are so excited that they will not even listen Pranav muttered. I will have to save Sreenidhi and Annanya from that Dark D..... . I will have know who is this guy and why Siddu is working for him.

        These answers will be answered when we reach Dubai. Did you noticed everything happening Dubai. What is in Dubai said Pranav for himself. When they reached the airport. It was very crowded . Somebody covering with a scarf attacked on him, so that we can know who is he .

         Is he Dark D..... . That day it was very scary for Pranav that he did not slept. When they reached Dubai they went to Burj Khalifa. When they reached to Floor no 99 . They saw Nick Fury .With a great fear he said the world will be destoryed by Dark D..... . But who is this Dark D.... asked Sunidhi . Nick Fury said “People say he was a scientist, Leave abot him let’s see your superhero suits.

         Pranav got Hulk powers, Vivek got Iron Man powers, Sunidhi got Miss Marvel powers and Vibha got Black widow powers. Now they make a Superhero team .

        There first was on who is Dark D..... . They plan was know about Dark D..... . The cousins transformed themselves into the superhero team and went in search of the evil king Dark D.....

        They spied on Dark D..... . Pranav saw his dear an old friend they both told the other cousins how they became friends . The cousins took him to there Guest house in Dubai .             After some lousy hours , It was night they slept. Pranav had bad dreames again!!. He woke up and went to see what others were doing he first went to his cousins rooms.

        The cousins asked Pranav "Pranav what was your friend's name".

        His name is Manav.

        "Ok Pranav"replied cousins. To suprise when Pranav went to see his friend's room. He saw a difference in his face Pranav asked "Are you Dark D.... " asked Pranav doubtfully .


      Yes My Dear old friend I am Dark Danish, You fools you do not even know your good friend is your sworn enemy . What replied all the you are Dark D...  O sorry Dark                Danish you are big Cheaterkock! Yes i am that is duty HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhAHAHAHAhAHAHAHA!.., said Danish.

           See You Again My Sworn but a friend.                                                                                    Continuation in the next Part Dark D........ Vs Adventures Six


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