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Dark D..... VS Adventures Six

Read The Adventures Six..Who is the Dark D.. before this part...

         Pranav cried for more than 2 hours that a true friend became his sworn enemy. How is this possible,

         He began thinking..........

         Finally he said let us kill him! He is traitor, he is a biggest traitor in the whole world.


         Pranav said all the members that, who work for Dark D were his best friends. They went to India. Then they went to Hyderabad, capital of Andra Pradesh state in India.

        Then they went to Manikonda which is a place in Hyderabad. Then, they went to their house. It was in Manikonda.

        They went to search all the documents and files that related to their friends.

        There they found a Rubix cube. Pranav picked it and solved it.

        Suddenly a paper appeared. 

        It said,

        A great superheroes and heroins can defeat anyone but expect Dark Danish because he can only be defeated when all the planets are in same order.

        But that is impossible. There is one way and that is to weaken him.

        Here is the way how to weaken the,

        Danish      :      When all the planets are in order then take him to very emotional mode

       Siddu       :       Take his spectacales and throw it into water

       Vipul        :       Make run for 2 hours

       Kiran        :       Make him lose in a cricket match

       Rishi         :       Irritate him for a long time


        Others will be defeated easliy by your powers but these members can only be killed in this way.

        In Dubai, Dark Danish was making his army very powerful than anyone in the world. So be careful while killing them because they are really powerfull than U..



         Manav admired Pranav and read the remaning,

         "You must be wondering how Danish came to your house in diguse of me. I am this all because me and Manav is none other than your father Jithendra Goud, i spied on you because you are not coming to house, i will only meet you when you defeat Dark Danish."


         My lovingly father had given me more than 50 % to kill them. They went to Dubai. They were surprised that, Nick fury was kidnapped!

        They made groups and kept Burj Khalifa in observation so that they can find that, is there any evil man in Burj Khalifa.

        Sunidhi and Vibha were one group. Pranav and Vivek were another group. Group one went from top floor to 55 floor and group two, first floor to 55.

        After 2 hours group two reached 55 floor but group one did not came there. They waited for an hour and started looking for them from one by one floor. When they reached last floor they saw a letter.


        My dear old friend, your all sisters are with me and you cannot beat me.  I have more army than you.

        You fools cannot take care of your sisters Pranav and Sunidhi can be and Vivek and Vibha should group.

        You have given me 100 % to victory.


        What? Danish you have kidnapped my sisters also. What have i done to you cried Pranav.

        Vivek cherred Pranav, "Do not lose your hope we still can defeat him". Let us go to our homeland India to get our wepons to deafeat Dark Danish.

        "But what is the use after that if we get weapons but do not know where he lives. What is the use. I know where is he lives but I cannot tell you now", Pranav begged.

        Finally Vivek said, "Did you noticed anything while all Khalifa only so he lives last floor".

        When they went to the last floor, they saw Danish’s army of one crore members!               They directly went down to first floor and took a taxi to airport to board India .               After sometime they reached India and they took Government’s permisson and took all the weapons to fight Danish.

        Then they boarded to America. They got another letter.

     It said:


        "Let us fight them", Said Pranav confidently.

The Big Battle,

         Pranav fighted like Hulk and defeated many of them. After 2 hours of fighting Pranav fell down.

         Vivek fought couragefully but lose at last. He was sent to prison.

         Dark Danish said to his army “Where is Pranav Bring him here.”

         The commader said “Dear Majesty he has escaped."

         "Escaped !!", Dark Danish said Angrily. Get him Now you Dumbs!!

         Pranav escaped with help of his father. Pranav became really powerful with the help of his father. He finished all the army of Dark Danish and he took his cousins to a restaurant for a party.

Continuation in the next part, Rise of Dark D....... And Godzilla


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